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Sprinkler System Installation

GM Pacific Hardscapes knows that owning a home involves a lot of work and effort to maintain. We chose to get into this business because we wanted to help the local residents of Sammamish, WA keep their homes operating in great condition. No one wants a home that's slowly disintegrating year after year. We all strive to own a home that we can be proud of. We want to be able to show our friends, family and neighbors what we have built. If you feel your home is lacking in a certain area, then get in contact with us. We'll be able to assist you. 

One of the most important areas of the home, and the first area others see first, is the frontyard. More specifically, the front lawn. If you have dried grass, weeds or no grass, you're certainly not giving off a positive first impression. The best way to give a great first impression is to have a green lawn that looks like it's thriving. We are experts in that area. GM Pacific Hardscapes is the best when it comes to sprinkler system installation services. The sprinkler system is the key to keeping a lawn green. 

You can install new grass, but if your sprinkler system installation is done incorrectly, then your lawn won't remain green for much longer. Call us and get your system operating properly. We can set it up correctly where your lawn remains green and your water bill doesn't skyrocket. Get in contact with us today for any questions about sprinkler systems.